Proposed policy resolutions approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

View the resolutions below that were approved at the county annual and submitted to the state policy development committee to be considered at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

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038-Agriscience, Food And Natural Resources Education And The FFA OrganizationRestore and improve funding for Student Organizations such as FFA. Michigan FFA’s Membership is the highest it has been over the last 30 years, but funding continues to decline from State funding sources. CTSO’s, especially FFA, are vital to the development of lifelong career skills and exposure to the many high in-demands careers within agriculture. Over the recent years, funding has been cut at least $15,000, year over year for the past few years.
041-Michigan State University We urge MSU to reinstate and continue to offer an Ag Communications degree program for students. Agriculture continues to grow and evolve and this program should be vital for the future of communicating and connecting consumers to farmers and agriculture to the general public.
096-Highways And FundingAll new road construction should require a warranty period from contractors to ensure proper construction and longevity. Contractors should also be competent and proficient in road building, meet required specs, provide warranty, and use proper materials that can handle freeze/thaw events to ensure longevity and quality road surfaces. Furthermore, the state needs to improve upon the correct classification for main trunk lines that run through the heart of agricultural centers to determine Class A road needs. State and County should do proper research into the commercial traffic needs by reclassifying and rebuilding roads where the greatest needs for class A roads presents itself through proper road use studies and need forecasting.
097-Implements Of HusbandryWith the continued and desired growth of business in Michigan and Agriculture; it may be important and vital to connect Western Michigan with Eastern Michigan from South of Big Rapids in the Howard City/Morley area to Saginaw/Bay City with a four lane highway that travels that span of our great state. It would provide a much faster and efficient commercial movement of agricultural commodities and allow for future business development and infrastructure growth through the heart of our state. There is currently no very efficient means to travel that span apart from two lane state highways that are heavily trafficked and relatively slow for not only motorists, but also truck traffic, and agricultural goods moving from east to west and vice versa.
039-Educational ReformsWe oppose state funding for individual students in post-secondary education.” (The conversation behind that is in response to the Governors vision of MI Reconnect and MI Opportunity program we do not have policy that directs our staff to react to that push. The problem is spending public dollars for individuals to attend post-secondary schools. This adds an extra stress to government dollars when we need to address the issue of fixing the roads. We need a policy like this to direct our staff to oppose budget dollars directed specifically to funding individual education.)
340-Food Quality and SafetyWould like to see the USDA accept 3rd party audits such as Primus GFS etc. as an acceptable alternative for USDA GAP audit for saleable fruits & vegetables. This would mean that the USDA would need to certify 3rd party auditors to reduce audit redundancy for growers and that the 3rd party auditors would be the party that has to conform to the required governmental regulations regarding desired food safety practices. In such action, it would streamline the process for growers by shifting the burden of extra audits to 3rd party auditors such as Primus GFS to meet and conform to USDA requirements and reduce redundancy of audits overall.
252-International TradeImported foreign foods should have to meet the same high standard of Food Safety Audits/Standards that US producers are required to follow.
046-Utility PlacementMinimum communication cable height should be raised to 18’ for agricultural areas to reduce incidences of damage between farm equipment and low cables.
137-ImmigrationH2A labor use is increasing in addition to the current labor costs associated with H2A. The current wage rate for H2A workers is set by the prevailing wage which varies from state to state. This variation from state to state puts growers at a certain disadvantage where the prevailing wage is increasing at an exponential rate. We believe that the prevailing wage rate should be nationally set rather than regionally in order to provide those utilizing H2A within Ag a level playing field in regards to wages for those participating in the program.
 We move to keep 3 Directors at Large for the State Board. With these directors being elected by the delegate body, they provide a statewide perspective for the will of the delegate body and for that reason should be maintained for that purpose. Staggered election for the 3 directors at large.
Local ResolutionWe as Kent County should work with rural schools to rebuild/restart FFA Agriscience programs within rural districts.